Sail route

We started our journey in Deltaville located in the famous Chesapeake area in Virgina, USA. Where we renovated the boat for about two months. We then took us down into the cold to come to the warmth of the Bahamas and the Caribbean islands. Our goal is now to continue south. Detailed description is in progress.

Sail route
On the map you can click on the different anchorplaces we've been to, which appear as speech bubbles on the map. After clicking the balloon will be more information up. As the title, we have added the date when we first come to the point. The text under the heading also includes information about the name of anchorage and a rating called "Stars". The rating is given on a scale from one to five and symbolizes a combined perceived sense of anchorage. Factors affecting the protection from the wind and sea, facilities such as Internet, how pleasant and beautiful place experienced. On many of the laid-anchorages is also a link to posts made on the blog with the linkage to the site. To open the link, just click on "Post".
Thepage  is still under construction and will in future be expanded and improved. The idé is to provide an interactive way to read the blog, where readers can follow the map and read the posts from those places that seems interesting. The idea is also to provide information on the various anchor sites by rating, which can be interesting for those who intend to visit the place.

Visa Färdväg på en större karta


Visa Anchorage outside Hog Island på en större karta