onsdag 13 juli 2011

Premier, Snowbird the story.

Welcome our friends! 

We have the pleasure to present the premier of Snowbird the story. For those who just want to enjoy the film: Make sure you have 20 minutes of spare time, make some popcorn, lean back in your favorie comfortable chair, start the film and enjoy! To get full screen, just dubbleclick on the screen.

For those who hunger for more and want some more excitement in life. Read the instructions for the competition below before starting the film!


There are three demands:

1: You have to be a follower or like snowbird on facebook. If you are neither of these just look at the right sidebar of the blog and sign up.

2:We love comments so please make a note of how you liked the film. PS. The comment can have affect on the judges :)

3: Count how many times you see Bruce in the film, we count head and full body. Send the answer to our email including your full name and address.

4: Enjoy the film.

The competition will keap on for one week from the premier.The lucky winner will be rewarded with a exclusive bottle of rum. Handpicked of the captin himself.

Good luck!

14 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken resa! Helt underbart!!!! härliga bilder- kramar Maria och Linus...inte en tumme?!

  2. Tack! Nej inte ens en tumme :) den hade jag nästan glömt bort !Om en timme bär det iväg till Sverige får bli en tumme då! Ha det bra så hörs vi!

  3. No one aboard our submarine knew mutineer Bruce was on Ebay and bought a 200-megawatt Alfa WiFi Antenna, and somehow put it in the usual weekly package that arrived by parachute earlier today.

    According to the written instructions from Bruce, I downloaded and then started the reception of "Snowbird the story". Pentagon recognised these new radiosignals, and immediately President Obama was informed of the movie.

    What happened next, is Top Secret classified. But it is now clear that the entire U.S. budget is suddenly rescued. The world economy is stable again and the peace of the world seems to be secure.

    The pub in St Mary's is fully booked tonight for the official premiere of "Snowbird the story", the U.S. president will be there and it is rumored that he and Airforce One, first will make an extra trip to Grenada to pick up a certain Mr. Bruce .......

  4. Utmärkt film! Informativ, rolig och nydanande. Jag ger filmen fem grammisar och skickar mitt svar eran mail.

  5. I agree with Mr.President and the rest of the local crowd in St. Marys friday night. The film could not have been better performed and the premiere could not have been more timely. Today there is Love, Peace and Understanding back in Washington DC again .....PS Nobody have seen Bruce since friday.

  6. Hello Jason!

    Thank you so much for your answer, even Obama himself is in the competition eager to win. We are happy about the effect that our movie have made of the economy in the world.

    Last time we saw Bruce he was very thin, holding a pillow against a window in the gallei in the boat. We reveal the winner on Thursday!

    Team Snowbird

  7. I will be watching the Oscarsgalan on TV to see you win the statuette for best documentary! /Fredrik

  8. Hi guys,
    I am gambling in Havana. Please send money, guns and lawyers!

  9. Hello Joanna and Martin,

    I have just visited your blog after a long time and am watching your video - it's great! It's so nice to see your trip and the great time you are having.
    We are still in Deltaville, but hope to leave before the end of the year ;-)
    All the best,
    Chris and Liz

  10. So nice to hear from you again!!!Yes we had a great trip and met so many terrific people along the way so you really have something to look forward to! Will you have a sailingblog when you heading south? Would be great to have some email contact so please give us your email!
    Big hugs from us ( ps. we are back to the land life and have started working again;(

  11. Awesome & fantastic video, I really love watching on it. Thanks for sharing!

    Zion RV Park Snowbirds

  12. nice film,nice and happy family....best of all
    best regards from Estonia!

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