tisdag 30 april 2013


Hello all followers! This time we will try to write in english so many more of you can get an idé of what we are doing:) Hope you get the picture of what we are trying to say!!

On the 27 of April we left Sweden to head to Grenada. Snowbird was calling for us!
Since we haven´t seen her for almost two years we were happy that we finally had time to go. 
Our first stop was London, were we met up with Ilka and Fredrik for dinner. Thank you for a lovely evening, we hope to visit you soon and for a longer time!

The day after we flew to Miami airport. As we have been there before and only had two hour transit we were a little bit stressed when we arrived.  This time we manage to get in time with only a few struggles.... custom and immegration

As the plane left Miami we could see the island we sailed two years ago. It was strange to see the passage over the golf stream and how fast we could see the beautiful Bahamian islands that took such an effort to get to last time. They are as beautiful to see from the sky as we remembered them. 

After landing on Grenada we had a feeling that everything went very smooth. Maybe a bit to smooth....??? Waiting and waiting for our bags to come we just had to realize that we were the only ones left at the airport and no more bags were coming. 

The bags are still not here but this is the view from our hotel veranda at LaSagesse. 

Good Night! We will be updating our blog almost every day! See you soon.
Ps: Martin just ordered in a rum punch!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hoppas ni får en trevlig tid på Grenada och inte bara jobb. Av utsikten att döma så lutar det åt det tidigare alternativet. //Bosse

  2. Det ser ruggigt trevligt ut från er veranda! Ha det så bra! Det får bli en romdrink till mig också imorgon efter kneget. /Fredrik

  3. Hej! Tyvärr Bosse ser det ut som om det blir en del arbete båten men den är i bra skick efter 2 år. Hotellet har vi nu lämnat för att bo på båten en tag. Varmt väder, brända ben och axlar, härligt karibiskt väder!!! Stor kram till er båda