mÄndag 30 april 2018

We are back...

Hello to all of you!
We have decided after many years of not sailing, that we will try go sailing with kids this time.
After almost seven years of having Snowbird on land it´s time to start slow with some swedish water. We have heaps of things to do on her but we hope that we can have her in water in a few weeks( or maybe in 12 months, we don´t know yet). She is not in the best of shapes but we will give her some TLC and maybe we can take her out this summer for some fun.
When you have two wild kids and not many babysitters around we have to split us up so someone can work on the boat and get her ready. Since Martin is the electrician on the boat and maybe the most accurate of us:), I will take care of the kids while he is gone.
But this Sunday my mum was up and we could have a day together on the boat, like good old days! 🙋

I was looking back on the old posts and this one will probably be the greyest because of the rainy weather and not Bahamian water;)

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